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SuiteCRM 8.3.1 (18RC1)
Repository: https://github.com/UncleDan/suitecrm/tree/18-update-UncleDan
Test version: -
Pull request: https://github.com/turnkeylinux-apps/suitecrm/pull/13
Buge/Notes: installer asks me "Please enter the suite 8 address (e.g. https://<your_host/):" interrupting silent install plus "make: *** [/usr/share/fab/product.mk:569: build/stamps/root.patched] Error 255"

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Hi UncleDan.

FWIW it appears that can be set via the `-S` switch (see line here). But there were a ton of other issues (as you can see from all my code changes...). I've been working my way through them and have got a point where it builds ok and (mostly) works.

I use your work as a start and have continued on (and opened it as a new PR): https://github.com/turnkeylinux-apps/suitecrm/pull/14.

As I noted there, it's pretty close, but the password setting doesn't work yet... I have noted a workaround if you want to start playing with it.

To pull my code on your TKLDev (be sure to update common first):

cd common
git fetch --unshallow origin
git pull origin 18.x-dev

cd suitecrm
git remote add jeremy https://github.com/JedMeister/suitecrm.git
git fetch jeremy
git checkout -b 18-update-jeremy -t jeremy/18-update-UncleDan

I've locked myself out for now, but I'll keep at it and hopefully it'll be ready soon...

PS Thanks again for making a start on this. :)

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