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I am trying to set up some monitoring of my turnkey appliances.  I located a webmin monitoring solution.  However, I get an error that the Perl Module is not installed.  This is not a specific Perl module, but appears to be a webmin module that is not present.  I am unable to locate a download for this module, but have located a description of the module. See below, from Webmin:

Under the Tools category in Webmin is a module called Perl Modules, that can be used to view, install and remove Perl modules from your system.

Any info how this can be downloaded and installed on the turnkey appliance?

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Do you know what the missing perl module is called? Armed with that info, perhaps I can assist finding and installing it?

Perl modules are usually named in the format PARENT_MODULE::SUBMODULE, where PARENT_MODULE is the top level module and SUBMODULE is (surprisingly) the submodule.... E.g. the perl PAM authentication module is called "Authen::PAM". Many perl modules are packaged in Debian and IMO that is a better way to install when possible. The Debian names are a little tricky and take the format "libPARENT_MODULE-SUBMODULE-perl" (except all lower case). E.g. the Debian for the package noted above "Authen::PAM" is "libauthen-pam-perl".

If you can't find the module packaged in Debian, then you can install from CLI using cpan directly (a perl module install tool that downloads the source code and builds and installs locally). E.g. (again using the example perl module above):

cpan Authen::PAM

Please note that there is no "uninstall" for Perl modules installed with cpan. Also, TKLBAM doesn't know anything about them and if you use TKLBAM to migrate data, then they may or may not be transferred with the backuped data (they probably will, but it will depend where cpan puts them).

Regardless, addressing the Webmin module "Perl Modules" you are after, my guess is the one you are looking for is the Webmin "cpan" module. We package it and the package name is 'webmin-cpan'. It can be installed via apt. I.e.:

apt install webmin-cpan

IIRC it should just appear in the Tools menu in Webmin once installed. If it isn't try restarting Webmin:

systemctl restart wemin
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Thank you for the quick response.  Sorry that I was unclear.  It is not a missing PERL Module.  It is a missing Webmin Module that Manages PERL Module Installations.  Below is screen shot from Webmin site:


Wemin states that it is under the Tools menu in docs.


The monitoring software mentioned uses this to maintain its per modules.  

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As the Webmin module is used to install Perl modules, I assumed that you wanted to install a Perl module (and suggested that I thought was potentially a better way - i.e. as a Debian package (if it's available). Hence why I gave info on how to install the Perl module itself.

Regardless, I noted how to install the Webmin module you are after in my previous post. It's called "webmin-cpan" and will need to be installed via apt. I.e.:

apt install webmin-cpan

FWIW that is because we split Webmin into separate packages, the base package (called "webmin") and individual modules (called "webmin-whatever" - where "whatever" is the module name).

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Thanks!  Missed it in your first post

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No worries! I do tend to ramble a bit, so it happens. :)

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