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Hi, i recently launch an instance on EC2 and i need to turn it off while i am not using it and i read that in order to be able to do that i need to attach a EBS as a root device to my instance and i do not know how to do that , it there someoe that can help me ?

i really appreciate your help

Thank you

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Use TKLBAM to back up your instance, then you can terminate it. Later you can launch another moodle instance, and restore from backup. For more information see the announcement.

I'd recommend testing your backup by restoring it to a test instance before terminating the original server.

BTW, the TurnKey Amazon images are instance-store backed, not EBS backed. It's not the same as attaching an EBS volume. The terminology can be a bit confusing...

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Here. Hopefully that helps you out.

[edit] Alon beat me to it and his suggestion is probably better.

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Thank you for the info, i did a test with tklbam and it did restore everthing , the only thing is that every time i launch a new instance and restore the backup it assigns a new ip address and thas is what i am trying to avoid.


i am working with some peers that are out of the city so we want to have the same ip  so we can work with the same ip and not checking everytime what is the IP to get into.


Hope you can help

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Just create an Elastic IP in /profile/clouds, and specify it when launching the instance. From that point on, you can choose "Launch a new server like this one", and it will remember the instance size, region, elastic IP, etc.

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i think this is what i am looking for, check on this link abot booting from EBS device



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