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I tried to reconfigure the torrent appliance, by redirecting the /srv/storage to another smb share at another server. I added the new line in fstab. This share is writable by any user for the ipaddress of the torrent server. Afther this MLDonkey did not start; the site at port 12322 was not available. I reinstalled and tried to change it by changing the symbolic links in /var/lib/mldonkey. This gives the same result. Does anybody know how to configure this appliance to save the downloaded files to the samba fileserver?
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But the TKL Torrent appliance is already built on top of TKL Fileserver, so it already is a file server!

Although obviously that isn't quite what you are saying/asking. IMO it is possible that it may not support that sort of usage. I have had some issues using Samba shares with some apps (just as I have had issues using Win fileshares with some Win apps).

Out of curiosity, can you successfully change the default download directory to an alternative location ok?

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Although I imagine that MLDonkey is running under the www-data (webserver) user account so perhaps try making sure that that user account has write access to the Samba share. Also don't forget that Samba (and Win file shares) have 2 levels of permissions, share permission and file permission.

If the other server is also Linux based what about using the native NFS instead of Samba? I would imagine that would have a greater chance of working.

Or another (although more convaluted) approach would be to set up a couple of cron jobs. IIRC MLDonkey moves completed downloads to a 'completed' directory. How about you set up a cron job to copy them to the mounted Samba share and another to delete them after a certain period of time? Not the nicest/easiest solution but should work.

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