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Security group "tomcat" has: 80, 12320, 12321
I'm starting an instance: 
ec2-run-instances ami-da6e9fb3 --group tomcat --private-key pk-YU*.pem --cert cert-YU*.pem
I access: 
I click on WebShell, to access it for the first time, and get prompt:
tomcat login: root
Password: (here I just press return)
Login incorrect
This mentions generated password:
but I only get:
What is the default/password for root
for the Tomcat AMI ami-da6e9fb3 ?
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When launching instances via the Hub, you can specify a root password as well as other configuration details for the specific appliance. The Hub is the recommended deployment option for TurnKey appliances.

May I ask why you are using the Amazon EC2 API?

To answer your question, the root password on all TurnKey AMI's is randomly generated (for security) and displayed in the console output when launching instances using the Amazon EC2 API directly.


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Background info:

I'm running the ec2-run-instances command from an ubuntu client 10.04.2 LTS, 

on which I did: apt-get install ec2-api-tools2

The ubuntu repos probably have an older version of ec2-api-tools2.


Detailed info:

You can see the terminal output in my question (starting with "RESERVATION") and it does not contain any password AFAIC see.

Is it this console output you are referring to ?

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I was referring to the boot.log which is available via the console output option. If I recall, the ec2tools command is:


BTW, seeing as you included a keypair when launching your instance, you can use that to connect via SSH, then change the root password manually.

Do you have any reservations to not using the TurnKey Hub? It makes everything a whole lot easier and less error prone. Understanding your use case would help us improve the Hub. For example, would a Hub API / command line tools be useful to you?

Update: The Hub now has a Public API and CLI Tools

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Problem solved: ec2-get-console-output fixed it.

Thankyou for support!



My use-case: deploy war file with embedded neo4j db, storing files on ebs volume.

Issue with turnkey hub: giving out my aws secret access key.




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Unless you have some specific concern re the Hub or some reason you need to use command line then the Hub is definately the go. The Hub is almost too easy IMO

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Issue with turnkey hub: sharing my aws secret access key.

Should I be concerned ?

Or am I overlooking something ?

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If you're concerned about the security of the Hub, take a look at "Is my data secure with the Hub?" in the FAQ.

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It doesn't sound like your issue is related to this one, so best to start a completely new thread and provide as much detail as possible about your server. E.g.
  • what version it is
  • where it's running (e.g. bare metal, local VM, AWS, etc)
  • the exact issue
  • what you have tried so far
  • anything else that might be relevant...
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