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Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens...

Mincraft is a cross-platform indy sandbox game (written in Java) that allows you to create your own world. And my son is completely into it! It's not free but it is very reasonably priced (currently €14.95 while in beta, will be €20 once released). Having said that there is a free version (Minecraft classic) but it's not really used by anyone anymore. As I said my son is really into it and I have been helping him build a headless Minecraft server for him and his mates. I thought I'd make a TKLPatch for it and share the love. :)

Minecraft is not strictly open source in the usual sense of the word (as the source code is not directly available for download) but it does have a licence (see here) which allows decompiling and modifying (although not redistribution - see here). As such, once this patch is completed it will not include the actual Minecraft server software, but will download the official .jar. To be useful it will also need to check and update the .jar as required (server and client must be the same version for game to work). This will probably become less relevant once the game is officially released.

The dev has stated that once he has 'finished' it (and made 'enough' money out of it and moved onto something else), he will completely open source it. So until then, it probably does not quite qualify for release as a TKL appliance (only a patch) just yet. Despite the fact that the appliance itself will be completely open source. Once I have it finalised I will put it up on the TKL Community SourceForge project.

This patch is in development and will not be released until I have confirmed with the game dev that it complies with his licence and T&C (see links above).


I know you will do an excellent job with this, but wanted to show you the following if you haven't already seen it:

Super low resource, option to load worlds into RAM completely, really nice backup and restore.

Since MC is so RAM intensive, havin such a low resource option is the best.

Anyway, look forward to seeing what comes about! I know TKL is perfect for the people lookin to put an MC server up with little hassle.

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Thanks for the link. That looks really cool. My son will be most impressed I reckon. I'll get him to test it out and see what he thinks. The WebUI looks pretty trick too. I'll wait to see what he thinks and perhaps may put this TKLPatch/project on the backburner if he's happy with MineOS - it's not like I haven't got anything else to do! :)

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I built a patch for minecraft and McMyAdmin but it's a little dated.

I haven't touched it in a while but it should work fine against Turnkey 12.0

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But I would imagine that it could be done. I think McMyAdmin runs as a service so you'd need to adjust the init script and make a new one (for the second one). Other than that I would imagine that it should be fairly straight forward, but without digging deeper I can't be sure...

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It's kind of hard to respond without knowing a little more...

What does the intihook do after shelling out to the bash script (/root/ What is that bash script doing?

I don't call bash from python a lot, but you might want to try using the subprocess module... something like:


import subprocess

bashCommand = "/bin/sh /root/"
process = subprocess.Popen(bashCommand.split())
output = process.wait()


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