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I have been mucking around with the new releases and converting them to OpenVZ templates for my own use.

As part of the process I have been running apt-get upgrade. But with the Domain Controller, as part of the upgrade I am confronted with a screen that says:

"A new version of configuration file /etc/samba/smb.conf is availabe, but the version installed currently has been locally modified. What would you like to do about smb.conf?"

The I am presented with the following options:

  • install new
  • keep current
  • diff
  • sdiff
  • diff threeway
  • merge threeway
  • shell

I am assuming that the local modifications are a custom TKL set.

What is the best method (ie the one most likely to work as desired and least likely to cause problems).

For your interest I have stuck with "keep current" for now but have yet to test my template.

 [edit] Same applies to TKL FileServer (and obviously any other appliance that uses Samba).

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Yes, you assumed correctly. The local modifications configure samba to provide the PDC functionality, so if you override it (ie. install new), you would loose those configurations.

The safest method (and the default when upgrading) is to keep current. You can always perform a diff to see what would change though...
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Ok, when I get a chance I'll go back and check on that at some point. Good to know I was heading in the right direction though

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