New to TurnKey? Overview in links


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Please clarify which docs you are having issues with?!

I just had a quick look at the links and everything that this page explicitly links to is still relevant from what I can see?!

So if you have a specific issue, please either fix it (these docs are a wiki - free website user account required; FWIW this page for example was created by a community member) or report the issue. Issues can be noted on our GitHub issue tracker (requires a free GItHub user account) and/or start a new thread in our forums (new threads also require a free website user account). Please provide as much detail as possible on the problem and which TurnKey appliance version it relates to. As per always, I'll respond ASAP and try to address the issue, at the very least I'll respond with as much info as I have.

FWIW all our resources are currently tied up trying to get the new (extremely over due) v16.x series of appliances released.

Specifically re PVE v6.x, I'm still running 5.x and have not had a chance to have a look at it, let alone test our appliances against it. Although it's possibly worth noting that it has been reported to me via email that there are some difficulties (seem to be related to NoVNC bugs rather than anything to do with us or Proxmox specifically). Having said that, I haven't had a chance to check or research any further... If you know anything more about that, please share...