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Just an fyi -- I downloaded core -- and then successfully installed java and tomcat :)   I feel so manyly, no gui's involved, only the command line.   I found a good "how to" here.

Newbie question....I need to add the "export JAVA_HOME" to the bash file that's always run.   I was logged in as root when I installed both java and tomcat.   Where do I go to put the export in such that I wouldn't have to retype it all the time?

As soon as I get a few more hurdles settled down (like logging into the manager app, and a hello world .jsp) -- I'll write up a how to from soup to nuts.   Might even whip out a screencast.


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Thanks for the link. Looks like a good resource.

If you want to configure your root bash shell environment edit the /root/.bashrc file.

If you want to configure the system-level environment edit the /etc/environment file.

BTW, screencasts are an area we have also given some thought to. I'm expecting it to be a very useful tool for introducing appliances in general and TurnKey Linux in particular to new users.

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Hey Lee,

As I mentioned in another forum post, we have just release the TurnKey Tomcat appliance, it would be great if you as a Java dude could take it for a spin and provide a little feedback.

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Will do after our production rollout, perhaps some time next week.


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