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I want to start making my own appliance
where do i start?

things to know~
i'm not new to linux been using it for about 2 years or so.
I wanna learn how to build a appliance like add a logo(when installing) ect ect ..just to learn something new :)
anyways thanks for this great product :)
Take care!


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Hey there. Have you looked our community development page?

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Yeah i did but didn't help much lol.
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If you really want to hack your own appliances you'll have to dig in deep and do a lot of exploration and experimenting, just like with any other complex subject. There are tools (a list is on the development wiki) that can help, but we don't have tutorials yet to make it easy. After you figure out how to do whatever it is you want to do it would be great if you could contribute that to the development wiki. Good luck!
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Thanks :) Where do i start i mean i didn't see any tools?
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You must have missed it. It's under "hacking live CDs":

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I've been hacking at it but haven't got anywhere i'm not going to give up i'll keep trying...
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I been trying and trying to make my own but didn't get anywhere as i said i'm not going to give up IM A FIGHTER! Any tips would be nice. Thanks.
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Keep fighting brother!

Unfortunately, I can't give you any specific tips because I don't know what you're trying. Developing software appliances can be very tricky if you're doing it for the first time. There are many ways to skin a cat. We'd like to work on a custom appliance extension mechanism that is simple to use but we haven't gotten around to it yet. There's just so much to do and so little time to do it.

For now the best tip I can give you is to carefully document what you are trying and the results you are getting in the development wiki.

It would then be much easier for me (and others) to take a look and give you some guidance.

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I'm working on my own hosting panel that is 60% done(yes!) works with any debian OS. i was trying to "hack" the live CD and look in side to see how wordpress was installed but like i been saying didn't get anywhere lol
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Anymore help on this?

I wanna do the samething this guy was/is? doing!

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This is quiet an old thread, but if anyone comes across it, we have since released TKLPatch, take a look at the documentation for details.

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