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Do you have any plans for a strictly document management turnkey solution in the near future? I have an associate in India who has a client who needs this.


South Carolina, USA

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No definitive plans yet but we'd like to learn more about this. For example, what sort of open source components would be part of such a solution?

If there is enough interest in the community we bump up priority, but the fastest way to getting a new appliance into the library is to help build a TKLPatch for it.

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It has an Open Source Community Version which has a Ubuntu 8.04 installer which should work fine on top of current TKL-Core. Or alternatively you could use the source installer on top of TKL-LAMP (along with the other requirements).

I tested it a while ago but it was overkill for my usage at that particular time, but it seemed pretty good.

No doubt there's other possibilities too.

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Hi, there is deffinately some interest in it.  I have a client for example who are getting killed by long file name restrictions and then need to name the files in full.  Any more joy with this thread yet?





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We are a small rural hospital, in desparate need of a document management system but not the cost involved.

We need to track our policies and proceedures.

Without document management, it is a nightmare.

Thanks in advance.


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We do have a generic version control appliance; or GitLab either of which could serve the purpose, but they are more designed for code, rather than documents so I don't think they are an ideal solution to your woes. Having said that, if you wrote your policy docs in reStructuredText then they can be easily rendered in pretty html. But that's probably a job for more of a techy type person rather than an office admin...

There are quite a few open source doc managers floating about online but I have no recommendations and you'd need to install them yourself.

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