TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

Appliance created : GroupOffice


Group-Office is a PHP based dual license commercial/open source groupware product


admin username : admin

admin password  : admin


base : Turnkey LAMP Hardy  or Turnkey LAMP Lucid


Community version of Group Office is used


Working on lucid too  :)

Working on lucid too  :)

Liraz Siri's picture


Great find. Groupoffice looks like yet another wonderful open source webapp I didn't know about!

A couple of questions regarding your tklpatch:

  1. Is there any particular reason you opted not to use GroupOffice's Debian/Ubuntu packages?
  2. where do the packages in deb/ come from?

Those debs in deb folder are

Those debs in deb folder are removed . They are from ubuntu's repo. Here Bandwidth is precious , so placed them during testing , inorder to avoid downloading each time .

Liraz Siri's picture

Ah that explains it

Nice optimization. I figured you might have just forgotten to delete the debs before you uploaded the patch. :)
Jeremy Davis's picture

Have a look at apt-cacher Basil

Its a neat apt-proxy type setup that caches all .deb packages on a server. Great if you have limited bandwidth or download quotas. It still downloads package lists from the relevant repos on apt-get update, but will only download a package if it doesn't already exist in the cache. It also make subsequent installs of the same package incredibly fast. It seems to happily handle different releases no worries too. The only mod required in the client machine is 01proxy file added to /etc/apt/apfconf.d

For my purposes I have a TKLPatch with the 01proxy file (and my custom sources.list) with which I patch the TKL ISOs. For your dev purposes, you'd only need to do that once to TKL Core and then reuse that same ISO.

I still use the old apt-cacher but I have read that apt-cacher-ng is a newer, better, rewritten version.


Thanks a lot !  Let me try it

Adrian Moya's picture

I'll take a look at it too!

What I currently do is that after the first run of a patch, I tklpatch-chroot to the roofs, tar cvzf debcache.tar.gz *.deb in /var/cache/apt/archives and copy that "outside". Then on subsequent runs, I untar the debcache to the same place. I'll definitely take a look at this one!

Hi adrian , In your method

Hi adrian ,

In your method , what about metadata that enters the system when we do "apt-get update" , which is used for dependency checking ?

Adrian Moya's picture

That metadata is lost.

This is a flaw on my method, I know this info is somewhere there on the filesystem too, but haven't look at it. Anyway, apt-cacher seems a more efficient and automated solution. I just run apt-update and then when the system is ready to install, it has to download 0 MBs of files and continues...

Fred M.'s picture

Is this available as a VM or an ISO?

As subject states... Is this appliance available as a VM or an ISO? I'd like to try it out.


Now it is just a patch

You have to build ISO from it

Jeremy Davis's picture

As Basil said you need to patch the ISO youself

But it is pretty easy. I have posted basic steps over here that may be helpful. If you have troubles, post back and I'm more than happy to help out further. If it relates to this patch specifically then here is a good place to post, if its more generic questions re TKLPatch then perhaps start your own thread.

Guest's picture

noticed how much group-office looks like e-groupware (just fyi)

... and they both have commercial vs. community offerings.  Hadn't looked at group-office in quite some time, but as I recall, e-groupware offered a complete community version, as opposed to a lesser-functioning version as group-office does.

E-Groupware is also pretty easy to integrate into Active Directory or LDAP (though I imagine the same is true of g-o).

(The home of SME Server, contribs.org, is often a good place to see what sort of enterprise-y apps are out there.)

Nice work!

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Problem applying patch

I've tried applying the patch via this link's instructions: http://www.turnkeylinux.org/docs/tklpatch/apply


Is there another way I should be applying this?

Jeremy Davis's picture

It should work

Although it seems that you'll need to rename the patch first to groupoffice.tar.gz then it should be fine. If its still not working, post back with the error.

Mithrilhall's picture

That worked.   Thank you.

That worked.


Thank you.

Mithrilhall's picture

Error when connecting via web

Error when connecting via web browser.


Any suggestions?


Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message '<b>Database error:</b> Could not connect to MySQL database<br> <b>MySQL Error</b>: 1045 (Access denied for user 'groupusr'@'localhost' (using password: YES))<br> ' in /var/www/classes/database/base_db.class.inc.php:643 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/classes/database/mysql.class.inc.php(76): base_db->halt('Could not conne...') #1 /var/www/classes/database/mysql.class.inc.php(119): db->connect() #2 /var/www/classes/base/modules.class.inc.php(454): db->query('SELECT * FROM g...') #3 /var/www/classes/base/modules.class.inc.php(471): GO_MODULES->get_modules(NULL) #4 /var/www/classes/base/modules.class.inc.php(201): GO_MODULES->get_modules_with_locations() #5 /var/www/classes/base/modules.class.inc.php(125): GO_MODULES->load_modules() #6 /var/www/Group-Office.php(138): GO_MODULES->__construct() #7 /var/www/index.php(16): require_once('/var/www/Group-...') #8 {main} thrown in /var/www/classes/database/base_db.class.inc.php on line 643

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