package : Community version

admin username : admin

admin Password  : admin


base : turnkey LAMP hardy or Turnkey LAMP Lucid


Working on Lucid too

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SugarCRM rubbed me the wrong way in the past. It seemed to me they were just another closed commercial software vendor trying to jump on the open source bandwagon for marketing reasons.

I didn't like their previous license and I'm glad to see they moved to the AGPL for the 6.0 release. Much better than the fake "open source" evaluation license they were using before. Also previous community versions of SugarCRM were severely restricted. It was demo more than a real product which explains why vtiger (a true open source CRM) was higher on our todo list than SugarCRM.

OTOH, SugarCRM is heavily funded and got a lot of press so more users know about it. It's a popular product. With the latest version Basil integrated into the TKLPatch they've changed tactics and now the community version is lacking the commercial version's UI.

It's hard to be truly open source when you need to make big returns to your VC investors and your open source project competes with your commercial product.

Can anyone with experience with both testify how the community version compared with the commercial version? If you don't mind the user interface, is it usable?

I failed to find a " Download Free  " link in vtiger 's home page . When i searched google i found a sourceforge page of Vtiger [ ] . So i will try to make an appliance from that 

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The only cost is for hosted instances, or support. The download links to sourceforge anyway so your plans aren't affected :)

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So once I have turnkey LAMP installed, I assume I copy the contents of the tar file to a temp directory -- then what?

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Just copy the patch in, install TKLPatch and apply the patch using the command. If you are applying the patch to the installed filesystem (rather than the ISO) you'll need to stop apache and mysql or the patch apply may fail. A brief tutorial is in the docs. Have a look here.

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I just ended up copying the contents of the tarball to a temp directory, then just ran "./conf " from the terminal. Sugarcrm is up and running PERFECTLY!!!


Thanks for the quick reply.

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And in your case it may do everything you want, but you will find some parts won't be fully configured, or other issues such as being unable to send emails etc. You may also discover some quirky bugs. A TKLPatch consists of 2 main components, the config script (which you've run) and overlay files (which you haven't used). The overlay files are sometimes not a big deal (as it seems in your instance) but often contain important configuration files. To complete the patch you can overlay the overlay files (by copying the contents of the /overlay folder to /).

But doing it properly isn't that hard! It's probably just as easy to do it now - although as I said before it may error because Apache & MySQL (and now Postfix and whatever other services SugarCRM is using) are all running.

apt-get update && apt-get install tklpatch
tklpatch-apply / patchname.tar.gz

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I'm glad I came back here... It took me a while to finally understand what you wrote actually meant, but I finally figured it out... I'm a 15 year Windows veteran so Linux is a bit foreign to me, at least the terminology, but I'm learning quickly.

So basically if I had the ISO sitting on an existing Turnkey Linux box I could use tklpatch to basically (slipstream/update the ISO) before burning it to CD or using the ISO to create a virtual appliance correct? Or could I use tklpatch on my ubuntu desktop to patch the iso I already have sitting on my download folder?

And since I aleady installed the package, I just decided to patch while running and I did run into errors. Basically had to revert to no password for root on the Linux OS itself and the mysql server, then I had to delete the existing sugarcrm database becuase if it finds one there, it just errors out. That was it, everything else seems to be working fine now.. Although, I 've been looking everywhere for where I'd change the value that gets sent out to a new user when creating their password.. Right now it sends the user a link to their specified email address that points to and that's not even the internal IP of my box, not even the right subnet, and I'd want to change it to anyway.. Any idea where this is? I've seatched the SugarCRM admin section all over the place so I'm assuming it's in a file somewhere? Thanks for your help.

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Also had to stop mysql server and apache as well.

You have to configure Name based virtual hosting in Apache

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Hi Mates, I am not a novice but this is my first experience with Turnkey Linux. I have the latest up and running and I can access all the web interfaces through the Internet. I have also the latest SugarCRM 6 Community edition. I have downloaded the sugarcrm.tar.gz file. How do I use the patches in the file, or rather of what significance are they to the TURNKRY LAMP I have running or should I just install SugarCRM according to thei documented instructions. In a nutshell am asking what the use of the sugarcrm.tar.gz is and how I should use it.

Warm Regards

Paul from Africa

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Basically its to patch TKL Lucid LAMP ISO (or a running instance but patching the ISO is more reliable, unless you stop all services) so it becomes a SugarCRM appliance. There is quite a bit of info in the wiki about TKLPatch.

Have a read, have a play and let us know how you go.

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Is there an ETA on the TKL VM of Surgar CRM 6.0?

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The TKL devs prefer to avoid the possibility of dissapointment and as such do not state clear timeframes and ETAs. Instead things are ready when they are ready.

Having said that, I know that they are currently working on releasing part 2 of the v11.x appliance lineup which I would imagine will include SugarCRM. Hopefully they'll read your post (they do pretty much read everything - even if they don't always get to it straight away) and push it up the build queue for you :)

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