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base : Turnkey LAMP Hardy or Turnkey LAMP Lucid

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Unless there is a licencing issue, why not have the patch download it (eg using wget)?

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Including a command that wgets the package in the tklpatch is not a bad idea at all.

Note that the community version of eFront seems to be distributed under the Common Public Attribution License, an open source license which allows redistribution and modification. And if you can't redistribute it's not open source, so we couldn't include it in the TKL anyway...

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I probably could've had a read and checked the licence myself but i was being lazy. If it had not have been for the Qmail discussion it probably never would've even occurred to me that it would've been an issue.

It is difficult to get a direct link in the case of some applications hosted in sorceforge. In such i cases wget <url> will not work.

The other option is to put the packages in overlay and there is no meaning in attatching such a big file here.

So I added them in the instructions. Hope you understand what I mean .

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It can be a bit tricky but you can get a direct link for files hosted on sourceforge. Just copy the URL from the direct link and remove all the junk after the filename.

I verified that this works:


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On one hand it looks like a nice application. On the other hand, it's one of those commercial "open source" applications where the community version has been significantly crippled to prevent competing with the commercial version.

I realize this makes it easier for the company developing the software to make a living but conflicts of interest like this inhibit a real open source community from forming around their project. It's a short sighted strategy.

The public attribution license is not so good as well. Similar to what SugarCRM used before they switched to the AGPL.

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eFront looks pretty much like a rip-off Dokeos or CHamilo.

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