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Hi all,

I'd like to introduce myself

My name is Ziv

I come from the networking world and I use linux for over 10 years for may different needs.

I have experience with mrtg, cacti and a few NMS systems as well as mail, ftp, LAMP and DNS servers.

I'm not a programmer but I can write scripts quite fine in a few languages.

You can find some more "trivia" facts about me on my profile

I'm glad to have found this community, I hope to benefit a lot from the already created appliances and I'm hoping to be able to contribute as long as my knowledge allows me.


I'd suggest to make this topic sticky so other new comers can introduce themselves too.


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In my experience this is a great community, small but very friendly and supportive (and growing too). I'm sure we can put your knowledge to good use! So welcome aboard!

I think your idea of making this a sticky is quite a good one. We'll just have to see what Liraz and Alon think. They are the TKL devs - well I guess they are the core devs because there has been quite a bit of community dev work going on, particularly since the TKLPatch competition (especially from Adrian and Basil).

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Ten years of linux experience can be a great help here! I only have 2 1/2 years but 8 years programming :) and still learning... The community is about to have a big release with TKL Lucid and a bunch of new appliances, many good news are coming soon, so it's a good time to be here. 

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