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Server based office suite

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I promise I had a look (well a boy look) at the forums, but saw no mention of this subject. We wondered if a server-based free office suite that could be accessed from any desktop OS using a browser would be an option for a small business to centralise storage and security of its output. Most folk have gigabit connections in-house, but sending this data off-site makes no sense. The option to point and store the files to a NAS would be even more attractive. I've googled the subject and come-up with nothing that fits, though ThinkFree and OpenOffice sort of address the issue (at a price). Cheers!
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Another look brought up this thread http://wiki.turnkeylinux.org/Whiteboard/OpenGoo_Appliance which doesn't look too hard to get working (we're halfway there already). At first look it doesn't appear exactly to be what we're looking for, but I'll give a try.

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OpenGoo is now FengOffice

And I thought there is a TKLPatch for it floating about but I can't find it ATM. There is already a ProjectPier appliance which is quite similar to OpenGoo/FengOffice (AFAIK they are both forks of the same base). See if that suits your needs.

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Looking for more office, less collaborative software

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for that. Actually, I've been testing TKL Project Pier for a couple of weeks now, and it is proving to be a perfect method for organising "milestone" organised tasks within the building and with one or two clients.

I was hoping FengOffice was going to be more akin to OpenOffice, but having installed FengOffice on a spare LAMP server we can see it's fairly limited in its capabilities. There's no Spreadsheet (despite promises in opengoo) and the Calendar function doesn't support WebDAV. So as an online office suite it falls far short of our hopes.



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GoogleDocs/GoogleApps or Zoho or similar then?

The only software that I can think of that may meet your needs then is GoogleDocs or Zoho or similar. We use GoogleApps at work and it works well.

Otherwise you'll need to have locally installed software such as Open/LibreOffice.

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Watching brief

Thanks JedMeister,

I guess we'll have to wait. I will have another look at ThinkFree and Server-based OpenOffice, though neither is at all free or open. Hopefully, some java-based upload will become available in the near future which is a mere 140MB away from an Ubuntu based server.

Even if it uses tonnes of server CPU and RAM, these are not things in short supply anymore. I just don't want to pay for it!



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Last year I was on a quest similar to yours

And ended up with fengoffice, which, as you said, fails short. If you do find something that cover this need, please share on the forum. I think there will be people interested in working on a patch like this.

The other option is to have a desktop VM which everybody can access via remote desktop. Something like the TKLClient project could help. I'll take a look a those projects you mention.

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Tomcat Application Server

Hi Adrian,

After having had a look at the documentation for ThinkFree, it states a requirement for Tomcat 5.5.x at least - which gives an interesting aside to how they port office to the desktop.

A local Java expert agrees with the desktop VM option you mention as being do-able.

A second look shows Open Office Anywhere is remote and cloud-based, more like GoogleApps JedMeister recommends.



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Good news on Feng Office. We have been running a fork from GelSheet www.gelsheet.org on a VM which now has a spreadsheet. Early impressions are it is robust, if fairly limited in functionality - including drag-and-drop, and it appears quite difficult to edit the php to customise, but a lot more than what we saw when I first enquired. Has anyone tried this or some of the other server based options like Simple Spreadsheet?


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Me Too...

I just started searching for something similar, but like everyone else, came up short. Something like openoffice running in a browser, hosted by a turnkey appliance would be incredible.


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I'm not sure where it is up to

But AFAIK OpenOffice is/was available as a cloud service (like GoogleDocs, etc). Although that was when Oracle was still at the wheel... Not sure what happened there since it has become Apache OpenOffice nor whether LibreOffice are planning/have developed something similar?

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