Hi to all,

i'm new to turnkey. I discovered turnkey on my research for Nas Appliances.

Installed the latest version into vmware player an started playing around with it.

Impressiv !!

unfortunatly i'm not a Linux Guru, so i want to ask some questions.

How can i install the fileserver appliance os to a cf card instead of installing it to a harddrive?

How can i , later when the Fileserver is up and running, backup the files from the shares

on a regular basis?

The background is, i planed to use the fileserver as a backuptarget from my servers

and i'm looking for a solution to save thoose backupfiles to rdx drives.

I think, it should be possible

but as i mentioned earlier, i'm not a linux guru and therefor need some help.

Thanks in advance and looking forward

best wishes from germany

Peter (aka Harrybear)

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So if that's the case it should just be a case of finding the correct drive during the install process. Although without knowing wwhat you are trying to acheive it's hard to know what to suggest.

As for backups, TKLBAM is well worth a look. It's almost too easy! :) If you want to further automate the backup process have a look at the Bacula TKLPatch supplied by Adrian (see the TKLPatch docs for details in how to apply a patch).

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