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All, I'm looking to ulilize a Turnkey Linux solution to manage our company's IP addresses. What are some tools that you have experience w/ & recommend?



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But a bit a search online reveals that the open source IPAM options seem to be pretty limited. I came across quite a few abandomware apps but the only one I could find that looks maintained and quite promising is OpenNetAdmin. A quick browse over the docs and it looks to me like it should install to TKL LAMP fairly easily without too much configuration.

Be insteresting to hear what you think of it.

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This is Matt from OpenNetAdmin.  I've not used Turnkey yet but I would be willing to work with anyone who is willing to create a Turnkey appliance.  As Jeremy said, it should be very simple to just start with a LAMP appliance and add ONA to it.

I at one point started to build a VMWare appliance but never finished it out.  

If you are interested you can contact me via http://opennetadmin.com/community


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Thanks for your post. I think that ONA would be a great candiate for a Turnkey appliance. Generally the way things go is for a new appliance to make it into an official release, first a patch is made (which converts an existing appliance into a new appliance - in this instance LAMP would be the best fit IMO). The core devs (Alon and Liraz) then use this to create the appliance.

Unfortuate reality for TKL at the moment though, is that due to production bottlenecks, other proporities and overall lack of manpower there is a huge backlog of patches. So I'm not sure when anything new will make it into the range. Having said that I believe that the next major TKL release (v12.x) will be based on Ubuntu 12.04 and AFAIK the devs are hoping to get at least some of the new appliances out the door coinciding with the v12.x release. And hopefully the v12.x release will come hot on the heels of 12.04/precise.

Regardless of all that, if you would love to see a TKL ONA appliance (available as ISO and VMware/VirtualBox vm image - and hopefully some other formats too) then someone will need to create a TKLpatch. Your software looks pretty nifty but I personally have other priorities at the moment. So if yourself or someone from your (or TKL) community wants to push this forward then a patch would be warmly welcomed. Docs on TKLPatch can be found here and there are lots of other patches to pull apart for closer inspection if you'd like here (forum posts tagged with 'tklpatch').

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Any progress?


I would like to try out OpenNetAdmin and a Virtual Appliance is the best way

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So if you are particularly keen I suggest that you consider working on a TKLPatch as I detailed above.

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Well I finally had a moment to spend a few minutes on this.  At this point I have what I THINK might be a viable patch to start playing with.  Using the example patch code for drupal I worked up one for ONA.  At this point I have checked it in to my repository for people to start from and play with.  I have not tried to run the patch to see if it produces a properly running system but I believe it has the core of what is needed so it shouldn't take much to get it working from this point.  Please give me feedback and updates as needed to make it a functional patch.

Its located at http://github.com/opennetadmin/tklona


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I do really like this opensource application i thin its one of the best 





Other opensource that can be used is



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