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I am looking for a tkl iso for hardware deployment of Moodle version 1.9, is this available somewhere here for download...if not can I build my own using the lamp stack and install the moodle seperate..

Help Please, I am setting up a school instance of moddle and have a been given several high school courses but will only import into version 1.9.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Dale. As I just posted (on another thread) there are problems with Moodle 1.9 (from package management) on Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid. However I can't confirm the exact nature of the issue (IIRC php v5.3 as included in 10.04/Lucid was a significant factor). It may be worth consulting the Moodle documentation. If php v5.3 is not an issue with Moodle 1.9 then installing to TKL v11.3 LAMP appliance may be ok.

Update: I just had a quick Google and it seems that more recent versions of Moodle (1.9.12+) will run on php v5.3.x ok so you should be good to go installing on TKL v11.3 LAMP.

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Thanks Jeremy, also wondering if tkl will still do auto updates after I install moodle on the lamp stack?

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Because you'll need to install from upstream rather than via package management (only software installed/handled by package management can auto update). But the rest of the TKL appliance will still auto update (because all the other software such as Apache, php and MySQL is handled by package management). To keep your Moodle installation secure you'll need to keep an eye on Moodle security updates that are released and manually update from upstream when they are.

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