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As my first post I wanna thank you all for the excellent job.

How to adjust the remote access of mysql  web2py-apliance?
in web2py, I create an application with the relevant tables, now I want to access these tables from another remote application. How should I proceed?
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TBH I'm not sure though. I haven't even yet had a play with the Web2py appliance (but I plan to when I have time).

Firstly when you say tables, I assume you mean database tables? Having a quick look at the changelog (link on the appliance page) I can see that it uses MySQL as the DB backend. Knowing the TKL guys it will be configured to only listen to localhost (at least that's what they do with other appliances OOTB). SO if you want to connect remotely you'll find details in the docs here.

It relates to an earlier version of TKL but should still work. It'd be great if you could confirm that it does in fact work in the current appliances. Thanks. 

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Yes database tables.

Thanks for the reply, the doc was a great help.

Now, work fine

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