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Hi there.

Hoping that there may be someone floating about who is up to speed on SCORM 1.2 compliance for elearning materials and have suggestions for good software (preferably open source) for developing learning materials.

I am currently seeking funding to develop some elearning materials to assist people with low literacy (including English as a second language).

Anyone who has anything useful for me would be muchly appreciated. 


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What is your particular interest in SCORM? It's generaly used for course portablility. 

What kind of content are you trying to teach?

Could be done with just audio? Or audio + voice-based threaded discussion?

You can email me at bdrhoa at gmail, if you'd like.

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Thanks for posting.

One of the stipulations of the Governement funding is that it must be SCORM 1.2 compliant learning materials and that IP must be released to the Governement (who will in turn publicly release it under an open source/creative commons licence).


I'l take you up on your generous offer and email you direct but (with your blessing) I may well post relevant parts of our communication here later for anyone else who is interested.

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The only free tool I liked that was open source was eXe learning.  You can find it here:

The windows versions seem to crash alot which can be a pain if you lose your work.  I would install it on a linux box, maybe a Ubuntu vm.

It has the advantage that it generates output for SCORM, IMS, ipods, pdf etc.   I have imported it's content into moodle, blackboard etc.

It has not really been supported or under development for over a year but it might do what you need done.




antonio's picture the new eXe developed, new idevices and more Download the new release ;-)

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Thanks for that.

I appreciate your recommendation Greg, and thanks so much Antonio for your link to the newer version.

Ahh the beauty of open source... Looks like the original devs abandoned it, but someone else has picked up the can and run with it...!

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