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Help for installing Clamav antivirus

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Hi all

I installed turnkey linux on VM machine. Iwant to install clamav antivirus on my turnkey linux. But I cant.

I edited  /etc/apt/sources.list and added this line at the bottom of the file.

"deb http://volatile.debian.org/debian-volatile stable/volatile main contrib non-free"

Then i run

apt-get update

apt-get install clamav

Pleas help me.


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Firstly looks like you have network or DNS issues

What is the result of

ping -c 4 ftp.debian.org

Secondly volatile is no more (as of Debian Squeeze). You now need to use 'squeeze-updates' - announcement here.

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Thanks for your

Thanks for your attention.

ping -c 4 ftp.debian.org

result--> ping: unknown host ftp.debian.org



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Ok confirms my thoughts...

Obviously you are not getting DNS resolution for the Debian repo inside your TKL appliance. Although it could be a general networking issue (rather than just DNS).

Can you give me some details of where your appliance is running? Ie is this on bare metal or a VM of some sort? How are you connecting to the terminal of your appliance?

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I installed and run turnkey

I installed and run turnkey on VMware machine. I set my network adapter of VM in "bridged" mod. Finally I connect to web shell with mozila Firefox.

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