TKLPatch for B-Translator

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I have installed a server with B-Translator at, and it took me a long time to configure it properly with NGINX + MySQL + php5-fpm + apc + memcached + Drupal7, so I have tried to create a tklpatch in order to speed up the process of building another server similar to this. It is based on the NGINX appliance from:

The patch is in github:

However it is not working properly yet. I will try to fix it, but if somebody could help me to make it work, I would appreciate.



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I have removed php-fastcgi and installed php5-fpm instead. I have also changed the configuration of nginx. I am not sure whether it is better to patch the NGINX appliance, or to patch Core. Any idea? Thanks. 

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I decided that it would be better to patch Core (instead on NGINX). I have copied a lot of things from existing patches, like di-live.d, live-installer.d, etc. without properly knowing what they are needed for. If you have any suggestions about these I would appreciate it.

I have also noticed that phpMyAdmin looks like an old version. Have I done something wrong or this is normal? Is there anything that can be done to install a more recent version?

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Having a quick look at you patch I'm not sure why you included di-live.d and live-installer scripts for MySQL but didn't include firstboot scripts also.

I'm no expert in these thing but AFAIK the di-live.d script is if you run your patched ISO live. The live-installer.d script is to regen the MySQL admin password (which is always set randomly on install of MySQL) which is a good idea (but I have never bothered with myself - but perhaps should have...)

As for phpMyAdmin, as you are just installing from the repos the version is whatever is there (which would be circa 2010 - when Debian Squeeze was frozen in testing) so it would be an 'old' version. If you can find a newer source somewhere upstream then you could include that in your patch but personally I wouldn't unless there is some functionality that is fundamental to your patched appliance.

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I don't think that the patched ISO should be run live, but anyway if it doesn't hurt let di-live.d be there. I should definitely include the firstboot scripts; I think it is important to change the passwords after installation.

About phpMyAdmin, I am not aware of the changes in the latest versions. Only the look seems to be much better. But since this is not so important, I am not going to touch it.

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