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Hello guys, I'm young in this forum and I have any problems with the turnkey clipbucket.

The problem I'm having is none of the videos I'm uploading to my Clipbucket site will process.

The php5-cli is already the newest version.

In the Administration pages on my Clipbucket site, Tool Box> Server Modules Info I get the following...

Modules and paths
FFmpeg is used to covert videos from different versions to FLV , MP4 and many other formats. Learn more
Version • Expected Path /usr/bin/ffmpeg
PHP CLI is used to peform video conversion in a background process. Learn more
php is not found
PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in Command line code on line 1
FLVTool2 is a tool to repair FLV files to make them streamable Learn more
Version 1.0.6 • Expected Path /usr/bin/flvtool2
MP4Box is a tool used to repair MP4 files to make them streamable Learn more
Version • Expected Path /usr/bin/MP4Box


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Sorry about this guys. I just confirmed Clipbucket is still broken out of the box and there's no easy way to fix it due to incompatibility between the Clipbucket version and PHP. I unpublished it now but we really should have unpublished it back in January when the problems first surfaced. Ugh. Major fail.
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Is there any version that is working and can be used?

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Here is a link to the 64 bit ISO. The other builds can be found here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/turnkeylinux/files (obviously avoid 13.0)

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