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I had a need to setup a reverse proxy over the last few weeks, so I went ahead and hacked together an appliance as I went based on the whiteboard. It's based on the nginx-php-fastcgi appliance with mysql removed and some additional proxy settings configured in nginx. I've only built it with tkl v13.0 since I already had that build environment setup.

I know you're in the middle of releasing tkl v14.0 right now, but once that is out the door I'd appreciate some feedback on it. I'll also work on upgrading it to Jessie as I have time.

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Just realized I forgot to link the GitHub repo for you all. The source for the appliance can be found at

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I have added a "new appliance" issue on the tracker too. I have pinned it to the v14.0 milestone for now; but in all honesty I'm not sure if it will make it in... We'll see.

Regardless, thanks for taking the time. :)

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I would like to express interest in a reverse proxy appliance as well.

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I'm also interested in a reverse proxy appliance! :)

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Seeing as there is a fair bit of support for this, we really need to push it forward. Especially considering that Jonathan has kindly done all the heavy lifting!
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Hi Guys, im not familiar with linux os it just know some basic command. Can you guy provide the step to let me able to birng up this reverse proxy?




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Thanks for the nudge. We should add this appliance to the library!

In the meantime, you could build it yourself as an ISO. I suggest that you follow the instructions and start by building Core. That way you can double check that everything is working as it should.

When you have done that, then you can build the reserve proxy in this step. You'll need to clone Jonathon's repo instead of LAMP.

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I would find this quite useful as well.


Nelson Hoover

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any news on this?
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Unfortunately not... But thanks for adding your voice. We should look to include it in the library ASAP!

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