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What would be the best way to have muliple applications running and available from one interface?

If you wanted to have 

project management

service ticket creation

content management 



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It is something that has been in our plans pretty much forever, but currently not an OOTB option.

Depending on your contexts, there may be workarounds though...

The obvious (but least convenient and most work) option would be to start with one appliance and then install the functionality of the others into it. Or maybe even just start with a LAMP base (or Nginx or LigHTTPd stacks) and install everything yourself...

However if you are running locally, then IMO using separate VMs is the best option (and a reverse proxy if you want them all available from a single url). It does have some redundancy; but IMO that's a good thing.

If you were intending to install to bare metal, then assuming that your hardware is x86 64 bit with virtual CPU extensions (AMD-V or VT-x) then I highly recommend Proxmox VE. It is a great free open source hypervisor which provides TurnKey Linux containers download within the WebUI. Linux containers are an awesome light weight way to run multiple Linux OS on a single hardware PC. I have been using a ~6yo desktop PC as a home server for years now and run ~20 different TurnKey appliances on it and they run like a dream (although in fairness beyond my son's minecraft & terraria servers they don't have much load or get much of traffic).

Another container option (and more suitable for running in the cloud) is TurnKey's own LXC server appliance. However unfortunately we have not yet quite completed the updated v14.0 version. It should be ready within the next week or so. If you want to have a play in the meantime you'll need to use the old v13.0 version. By default that will only provide usage of the v13.0 appliances. They are quite dated now but may still be useful for testing...

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