Owncloud will be forked to nextcloud by a strong team of developers. Will Turnkeylinux bring us a Nextcloud Turnkey server?

I would like it!!



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If someone builds a NextCloud appliance then we will certainly add it to the library. However we have a ton of great candidates that have been waiting in line for (literally) years) so it probably won't be a priority sorry.

If you or someone else wants to have a crack at building it then I'm happy to provide as much help and support as I can.

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Hoo I'm looking foward to that also ! 

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We just need to build it and release it. Ideally we like to do that ASAP, but we've been so busy behind the scenes that we haven't had time to yet. TBH I'm not sure when that will happen, but really soon I hope!

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So a year later that link appears to be dead.  Anyone know of any work-in-progress on a NextCloud appliance?  I've really liked the Turnkey VMs I've used, although I've had a lot of issues with the ownCloud appliance.  I don't know how much useful I can offer to development, but I'd be happy to support somethign if there's some momentum behind it.  Would be real nice to drop a NextCloud appliance on my host and see how well it behaves.  :D
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Sorry the 404 was my fault (typing urls off the top of my head). I've fixed the url in my previous post (to the buildcode).

But actually, the news gets even better as we've released it already. You can download the ISO etc on it's appliance page.

The version of Nextcloud that it's bundled with is a little dated, but there is a forum thread that details updating Nextcloud, which is hopefully still relevant.

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