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I want to install a Jellyfin server on my ESXi 7 to play my mp3s stared on a Synology NAS  

I dont want to use Docker just a simple VM on ESXi  

What do you recommend as Basis OVA

Is there alredy one with Debian 11?

Hope for hints  








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Our Mediaserver appliance includes Jellyfin OOTB. Although there isn't yet a v17.x release (only v16.1 - Buster based) so if you want a Bullseye base, best to just use Core I reckon. Hopefully a v17.x release won't be too far away, but the way things have been falling apart here lately, I wouldn't hold your breath...

Also if you do use our existing appliance, you won't be able to update Jellyfin to the latest release by default. To upgrade Jellyfin, please see my workaround.

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