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Is this OTRS based on ZNUNY or 

OTRS 6 based

OTRS 6.xWird nicht weiter aktualisiert (EOL)

  • Support:
    Kein Support verfügbar.

  • User Interface:
    Veraltete GUI und Funktionalität.

  • OTRS Dokumentation:
    Möglicherweise. Die OTRS 6-bezogene Dokumentation wird nicht vom Hersteller fortgeführt. Jegliche Updates dazu müssten von unabhängigen Teams finanziert und unterstützt werden.

  • Features:
    OTRS Freebie Features bis OTRS 6.

  • Training:
    Keine Schulung verfügbar.

    Nicht öffentlich verfügbar.

  • Datenschutz:
    Hohes Risiko! Sicherheitsfixes sind nicht verfügbar! Siehe z. B. aktuelle Sicherheitshinweise

Can you please clarify?

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Apologies for the confusion. It includes the OTRS Community Edition fork; Znuny. In the most recent release, it installs Znuny v6.4.5 from Debian Bullseye backports.

We do have plans to rename it to better reflect that it's "Znuny" and no longer "OTRS", but I just haven't got there yet (and may not until we release the v18.0 build - some point later in the year).

[Correction] Please note that our v17.2 OTRS appliance includes Znuny v6.0. Please see my new post below. Hopefully that clears up any confusion (and gives some context to my mistake).

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Deep apologies but I unintentionally lead you astray before.

It is the new v17.3 version that includes Znuny v6.4.5 (from bullseye-backports)! The previous v17.2 release (that you were explicitly inquiring about) includes Znuny v6.0.32.

For context, when you posted, I had recently built a new (v17.3) OTRS appliance release and it was publicly available, but not yet "published" (i.e. I hadn't yet updated the appliance page, "changes" or published the blog post announcement). Whilst it wasn't yet "published" it was available for download via Proxmox and directly from our mirror.

I incorrectly assumed that was the one you were asking about. It was only now when I came back to note that I had updated both the OTRS appliance page with relevant info (i.e. noting that it's Znuny), plus explicitly noted the OTRS/Znuny version that I realized my mistake.

Deep apologies. I hope it hasn't/doesn't cause you too much pain? If you already have v17.2 in production, then I'm happy to share how you can upgrade to the newer Znuny version. Please just ask.

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Why is our OTRS/Zununy version 6.4 ?

The latest Version of Zununy is 7.0.7

Can you teach me why

which free ticket system is the best in your opinion

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We install OTRS/Znuny from Debian. The way that Debian works is that the version included at release is "frozen" and only security issues and major bugfixes are patched (so whilst technically it's an older version, any serious issues should be patched).

You won't get a new version until you update the OS.

As to which I think is the best open source ticket tool, TBH I'm not sure.

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