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Came across this distro from a Slashdot post by one of your developers - looks cool!

This approach to making focused appliances really appeals to me, I like the thought of not wasting any clock cycles or memory on non-core tasks. Anyway, on to my question:

What I'd really like to see is an appliance to host Java webapps on the Tomcat app server. So the installation would consist of Java (ideally 6), Tomcat (again ideally 6.x) and hopefully MySQL too. This stack (name? LTMJisn't very catchy) would prove useful to an army of Java devs out there - especially if an old-ish PC with low-ish specs can be brought back into useful service.

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Do you mean something like this? It's not quite what you asked for as it has Java 7 (OpenJDK 7) and Tomcat 7, but it does also have MySQL.

FWIW we also have a Tomcat-Apache appliance; which is as above, but uses Apache as a reverse proxy.

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