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Maybe I'm just impatient and in my quick read of the about I missed something. 

Beyond being a representative of FLOSS philosophy what do I do with turnkey?

i have a two raspberry pi at home and I would like to do some self hosting on the pi. 
I hoped turnkey will be of help. 
but it seems to only offer amazing web hosting services. 

so what am I getting wrong. 


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I suspect that it is your impatience! Or maybe you need to hone your google-fu?! :)

Essentially we provide "virtual appliances"; aka "software appliances". Basically a "web app in a box" (although some are more development platforms rather than complete solutions). Some time ago, a new user put together an "overview in links" (in our docs section) which might give you some more reading material if you want to explore further? Our page on Wikipedia might also give a bit more context?

So in essence it seems like perhaps we are sort of what you might have been looking for. The unfortunate thing though is that we currently only support x86_64 CPU architecture (aka "amd64" aka "64 bit x86"). So TurnKey Linux should run great on any "normal" PC built in the last ~10 years (with some exception like old Intel Atom CPUs - often they are 32 bit only). That excludes Raspberry Pi though too. :( They use ARM CPU architecture (the older ones use 32 bit ARM, AFAIK then newer ones have ARM64).

We do hope to support Raspberry Pi (and other ARM based hardware) at some point, but it's been on our "to do" list for many years now and we've had no real progress. Our resources are already pretty stretched so we don't have the spare resources (money or time) to push development forward. It seems to be a space where those that want it don't have the skills to push it forward, and those that have the skills to do it, don't want to do it for free...

I hope that helps. Well, I know it won't practically, but hopefully it helps you understand.

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Thank you I'll make sure to improve my impatience and my googlfu skills. 

I'll be looking into it further. 

Best wishes. 

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I am not sure what your comment is saying.

Thank you

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It's a spammer. We have a number of measures to try to keep them out, but they still sneak through. The human spammers are the hardest to stop. I'll clear it up...

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Tnx for the info! That's what I was looking for

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I would dearly love to assist with arm support because it'd be huge for both the SBC community and Turnkey, but I'm currently busy being oppressed by life etc etc... wish there were a marketplace for donations for all types of dev work, not only coding.

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Thank you also. Now it's clear why this is not working on my PI.

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