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Is it possible to run like that  and join to he Windows Server AD or anothet Turnkey AD ?


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It should certainly be possible to add the TurnKey Domain Controller to an existing domain hosted via a TurnKey Domain Controller. That should be fairly straight forward (handled via the interactive firstboot scripts aka "inithooks").

It should also be fine to add a TurnKey DC appliance to an existing domain that is hosted via an alternate Linux/Samba domain. Although the closer that the versions of Samba are, the less likely you will be to have issues. FWIW the v16.x TurnKey DC has Samba v4.9.5. So AFAIK it should work fine with any domain running Samba v4.9. YMMV if the versions differ.

As for joining an existing MS AD domain, that can be a bit more hit and miss. Firstly, it's recommended that you manually link the TurnKey DC to your MS AD domain. That should hopefully alert you to any potential "showstopper" issues as soon as possible. Using the firstboot scripts to auto connect may or may not work as expected. In theory, it should work fine for a MS Server 2008R2 or earlier domain (it doesn't need to explicitly still be running on a MS Server 2008R2 instance, just that it is running compatibility for that AD schema and isn't using any of the newer AD features). AFAIK the full features of newer MS AD implementations are not supported by the version of Samba available in TurnKey. Whether that will have a material impact on your existing domain or not will depend on how things are set up.

I'm more than happy to assist further as best I can but unfortunately, I don't have access to a an existing MS AD domain for testing, so any further info from me will only be theoretical with regard to MS AD domains.

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