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Can Pterodactyl Panel be added? Website:

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Does it need to be?

We have the gameserver option already, and pterodactyl looks like a fancy webUI for docker.

What will you be installing it on? I'm using Proxmox and just have a a Gameserver LXC for each game I want to host.

What advantage would pterodactyl have? Genuinely curious if there is a better way to do it.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Visually, Pterodactyl Panel does look pretty cool. Although as badco noted, we do already have a gameserver appliance, albeit one that requires commandline usage, although it's pretty simple.

Also, TurnKey doesn't currently support docker guest setup/config. That is a technical limitation that we do hope to resolve at some point in the not too distant future, but would currently be a blocker for this.

I'd be interested to hear if it's just the UI and docker integration that you desire, or if there is something else specific that you think this offers that our current gameserver appliance doesn't?

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I was hoping, that in the TurnKey Linux implementation, Pterodactyl would be a Docker *host* on a VM, not guest. Then just the individual games are Docker containers.   It would be perfect for a nested setup, where you run a bunch of VMs, each being a Docker host for it's own compose stack of related apps. If that's more or less how TurnKey gameserver works, it might be exactly what I was looking for.   Just missing a fancy web management interface, I guess?

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