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Hi everyone,

I'm so glad I found Turnkey Linux, it's great!

Being a recent Windows convert, I've suffered through many weeks of frustration trying to get Joomla and Drupal installed on my personal server--Ubuntu 8.04.

TurnKey Joomla15 saved my day! It is going on my intra-net. Now I need to learn how to add some user-friendliness with a WYSIWYG editor, browser, and Drupal 6.6, etc.

Can someone help point the way?

Steve Yang

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Hi Steve,

The next release of TurnKey Joomla will probably have the latest version of Joomla-1.5.8 and perhaps a WYSIWYG editor.

Meanwhile, you can theoretically customize your appliance installation to do anything you want, including:

You can even add drupal 6.6 on the same system as Joomla, though you will probably find it much easier to just run the TurnKey Drupal appliance in a separate physical or Virtual Machine.

Keep in mind though that all of this heavy customization requires some Linux skills, will require that you get your hands dirty and as a recent Windows convert you will probably run into a bit of trouble. If you just want to experiment with Linux in order to learn then getting your hands dirty is a great way to do that but keep in mind you are straying out of "easy" territory.

In general, you might want to consider whether doing something is really a good idea. Former windows users sometimes have mismatched expectations and don't realize that things are done slightly differently in the Linux world. For example, most of our appliances are currently optimized for server role tasks, and as such don't come with a full-blown desktop environment (even though you can install one - see above). An appliance is intended to be administered remotely from another computer via the web management interface and SSH service...

Anyhow, remember that TurnKey Linux appliances are Ubuntu under the hood, and Ubuntu is Debian under the hood. Both Ubuntu and Debian have huge and helpful user communities that support helpful resources such as forums, mailing lists, and lots of documentation. On the other hand, TurnKey Linux is still a new specialized niche project so our user community and documentation resources are more humble right now.

Hope this helps!

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