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So I'm looking to try Drupal out, and I found this appliance which is looking great so far. But I noticed that it's running version 6.6, and the most recent version on is 6.10. I started trying to upgrade, but I became lost when trying to delete all the files out of the "drupal installation directory". Specifically, I think I found where this directory lives (/usr/share/drupal6), but things look funny. Specifically things such as the .htaccess file is a symlink rather than a file.

The upgrade.txt tells me to blow away everything in the "drupal installation directory" and copy everything in new. But I figure if I do that, I'll just be deleting the symlinks, leaving the old files in their actual locations, and then copying things in new, which would create new directories/files in the names of the old symlinks. Which I suppose might work, but there's probably a reason things are the way they are currently.

So is it possible to upgrade the appliance to Drupal 6.10? Do I just need to manually copy all the contents of the folders in the 6.10 tarball to wherever the symlinks point to?

Thanks for any help.

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Let me break your question into 2 sections:

Packages vs. Upstream tarballs
We do not manually install upstream tarballs, but rather leverage the APT package management system to install/manage all packages in the appliances.

This allows administrators a practical and effecient way to manage their servers software, perform upgrades, etc.

Upgrading to Drupal 6.10
We usually use Ubuntu packages, and on the rare occasion get them directly from Debian due to security updates that have yet made their way into Ubuntu.

We uploaded the Drupal6 appliance on Feb 13, and used the latest available version from Debian (6.6-3).
Due to the heavy load of pushing out the 2009.02 release, we have not had the time to do sufficient testing to the Drupal6 package updates, so we have not yet updated our package archive.

Now, enough with the explainations/excuses :)
I can recommend 2 options:

1. Wait until we have updated our package archive with the latest version, and you can either install it manually (apt-get install drupal6), or let the auto-update take care of it. We should be getting to it in the upcoming days, if not sooner.

2. Download the package directly from Debian and install it manually.
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Thanks for the quick response! In the meantime though, I started rolling my own Drupal6 dev VM using Kubuntu 8.10. I was unaware of the Debian 6.10 package, I only saw the 6.6 package in the Ubuntu repository. I will definitely keep an eye on this project though, it looks very promising!
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Or maybe just take the .tar from ? That way you get it directly from "surface of the drop" - developers of drupal cms.

Installing from source imho takes you closer to webdevelopment scenario, because it emulates more less production webserwer: you put your new websites (you should more less) into /var/www/ and not to your user dir or home dir.

And here comes big advantage of turnkey via vm or other machine: you dont clutter necessary your desktop operating system with lamp. Especially when you are additionally curious about zope or ruby.

Any way, if you staring: it will do the job ;)
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Good news! We have completed testing of the drupal6 6.10 package and have updated our package archive with it. More info in the update announcement.


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