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I am using Drupal6 appliance on my local pc. I did quit a lot in that. Now I would like to move the the drupal6 folder and db to another server.

I did tar chzf drupal6.tar.gz /usr/share/drupal6/

I exported the database drupal6 with backup and migrate module. I uploaded both files to destination server, unpacked the .tar and created all tables from .sql backup file. I changed username, dbname, pass, dbserver in <i>sites/default/dbsettings.php</i>. On my destination server I use domain http://mysite.com/ as example.  Now I hoped to find at http://mysite.com/drupal6 my transfered site.

I tried http://mysite.com/drupal6/update.php and http://mysite.com/drupal6/install.php but no success.

Is there anybody who can help?

Thx in advance.

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If you've transfered your database and files you are on the right track. Unfortunately, you don't give anyinformation about the server you are trying to deploy to so I can't even guess what might be wrong in your particular case.

Note that we are working on on-demand deployment and on a mechanism that would allow you to migrate from a local installation of TurnKey Linux to a remote production instance running "in the cloud".

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How is the "deploy to cloud" mechanism going?  That is exactly what I'm looking at doing now.  I'm developing a replacement website in a Turnkey Drupal appliance on our internal VMware vSphere 4 environment and looking at deploying this to the VPS.net server environment.

I love Turnkey and that VPS.net already supports it, but the only point of confusion is how moving to the cloud will go. I'm about half way through the site but wondering whether I should be finished internally and then migrating or doing it now incase it does work as smoothly as I hope it will.

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