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Firstly I'd like to congratulate the devs here at Turnkey Linux. What a fantastic product - and free to boot! Brilliant!

I'm a bit of a linux noob (and a Win PowerUser+ - possibly the worst kind of linux noob) but I'm keen to get my hands dirty and am looking at setting up an online remote office portal utilising TurnKey Linux LAMP and

The installation ran really smoothly and the default LAMP setup seems to work a treat!

But when I tried to upload (and unzip) the OpenGoo .zip package (using the built-in file manager) it complained that "Failed to extract file : Missing unzip command" I had a bit of a search around online and couldn't find much. Finally I figured that the zip packer/unpacker (whatever its called) wasn't installed.

So in the interests of any other noobs playing with this LAMP who hit the same snag, thought I'd post with the 2 simple lines that it took to remedy the problem:

Log into your server and type in these 2 lines of text (type in first one, hit enter, wait, then type in second line).

# apt-get update
# apt-get install zip unzip

 Too easy!

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You are correct, the unzip package is not installed in (most of) the current appliances, but we have fixed this issue for all future appliances.

Regarding OpenGoo, you are not the first to mention it, so I created a blueprint. We would also appreciate if you document the integration in the development wiki which would assist us in creating the appliance.

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That sounds a bit exciting! I've just signed up to Launchpad and hope to contribute in the future. I've also signed up for the wiki, but I'm not really sure where I should be writing or how to start a new page? Some guidance would be appreciated.
PS so far the only extras I needed to do to get it running were install the 'gd' extension # apt-get install php5-gd
and change the permissions on a few folders (I'm not 100% sure why I had to do that, I'll chase that up a bit more and report back).
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We are currently using the "Whiteboard" section in the development wiki for notes about new features/appliances. There is a "new page" button at the top of the page.

Also check out the development page in the community section of the website for some more details.
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I'm not sure when I'll next get a chance to put some details up but I'll start a new page in the whiteboard section asap. Thanks for the guidance.

there is  only an compress  icon
so  i cant  decompress my tar.gz file ?


ok i do it  from shell instad
tar -zxvf system.tar.gz

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Actually I haven't used the new Filemin filemanager in Webmin (other than basic testing) and hadn't noticed that was missing. The old filemanager definitely had that functionality although it was a Java applet (so not supported in most newer browsers).

We probably should put in a feature request with Webmin to include that (or perhaps the latest version of Webmin already includes it? We're a little behind version wise).

yes i tried getting  module  from webmin and it said my  version was  too old.

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I'll have to have a closer look. I'll try to update the packages sometime soon, but I'm really busy at the moment so can't offer any promises.

yes  no worry i can wait  now i know  you  are  active when you  got time,

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