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Hmm... I have browsed through a few requests for LDAP on other appliances, but is there a way to simply add an LDAP server to the Samaba PDC? Rather, have the Samba PDC server also have an LDAP server. This way it could act as an LDAP server for other appliances (phpBB, wiki, whatever else needs LDAP)

So, basically, is there a way to add an LDAP server to the Samba PDC appliance? 

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We looked into adding LDAP to the Samba PDC when we were developing but decided to leave it out of the first version as it complicated the integration quite a bit. A separate LDAP appliance is planned though. You should be able to install an LDAP server into the Samba PDC appliance just like you could install it into any Ubuntu based server. I hear good things about OpenLDAP. If you get it up and running it would be great if you could share your experience on the forum. Good luck!
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I am no LDAP expert ----- yet.  I am interested to hear more about the LDAP appliance which is planned. How will this tie into the PDC or file server, if at all? Can I ask .... ETA?

There are a few How-To's on getting LDAP working with Ubuntu. I have tried with recent bare installs which resulted in zero luck. However, I'll give it a try with the PDC appliance and see how it goes. 

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Unfortunately it's very difficult to give precise ETAs for this sort of thing. I can tell you it's on our radar. Meanwhile, one of the great things about an open source project like TurnKey Linux is that community (that's you or any one else that's interested) can pitch in and help us pick up the pace (e.g., with TKLPatch). See our development page for details.

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Our OpenLDAP server is an LDAP authentication server but it doesn't provide a PDC type environment. We do have a PDC appliance though. However it provides an NT4 style domain (via Samba3) and is not provide full AD.

We do have an updated domain controller in the works which does provide AD (via Samba4); however it's not quite ready yet. Also technically AFAIK AD servers are never PDCs only DCs. AD style domains do not have the same hierarchy that NT4 style domains have/had. IIRC in an AD domain all DCs are equal... Although don't hold me to that! My Windowese is a little rusty these days! :)

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