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I am planning on deploying Turnkey Twiki.  I've been running Twiki for 5+ years.
I too ran into are a few issues:

1) When a user registers, Twiki fails to send the mail to the new user to finish the registration process.   (I think it's an issue with configuration).

2) To fix this, one should run:    www.yousite.com/cgi-bin/twiki/configure

It is asking for a user and password. I've tried all sorts of user password combinations with no luck. I found some info but I don't know exactly what the issue is.  http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Support/ConfigureAuthentication

3) If Turnkey Twiki was produced from Debian Twiki, it may have issues.

4) Would you consider FosWiki?


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I've tracked the new user issue to an email issue.    I believe it is caused by a few things.

A.) Hostname is not set during install.  It just comes up as twiki.

B.) I set the hostname in WebMin.

C.) New User email (for verification) is sent from root@localhost @ host twiki.   Our campus email hosts reject email from such a user.

D.)Is this a twiki issue or postfix configuration?

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As described on the twiki appliance page, the WebMasterEmail is configured in /etc/twiki/LocalSite.cfg.

Just update the setting to a valid email and you should be set. You shouldn't have to change the hostname
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Alon, one doesn't need to edit /etc/twiki/LocalSite.cfg once the Apache config is fixed to allow AdminUser to run TWiki Configure

The TWiki email then works.

Thanks for the assistance!

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hi turnkey folks,

the twiki debs are quite old - ancient actually.  lots of bugs, security vulnerabilities.

that's because the project forked (or rather the devs were pushed) by a corporate

seizure and lockout of the developers.  codebase dev continues under the name

foswiki.  debs for the project (up to date) are found at fosiki.org (yes, that's fosiki, not

foswiki) by the same person who did the debian packaging for twiki back when there

was an actual community around it, before the exile.

turnkey should use the most modern part of the codebase.  easier help, better

security, and people to talk to about what's happening with the code.

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Hi there,

I am currently the guy within the Foswiki community who builds the vmware images. If you are planning to upgrade to Foswiki, we probably can work together.



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Dear Oliver,

Thanks for your offer.

I am currently running FOSWiki by using a Turnkey LAMP and then following the FOSWiki Debian/Ubuntu installation instructions.    After using *Wiki for over 8+ years, I am finding my way around FOSWiki.  One thing I would like is email notification of registration (It gives a messages that email notification is turned off).

Other than that, I took most of my *Wiki content and moved it over wholesale.   It works great! 

Now, if it was just available as a Turnkey Appliance....

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Well, if you can point me to somebody from the Turnkey staff, I will repeat my offer. :)

Is staff reading this forum?

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Hi Oliver, sorry for not replying sooner, we are in the middle of a development cycle so things are a little hectic.

We'd love to have your help creating a TurnKey Foswiki appliance. I think the fastest way to get the appliance off the ground would be to use TKLpatch, a simple appliance customization mechanism. You should also take a look at the community development notes.

Looking foward to collaborating with you and the Foswiki folks!
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Give me a few more days. Things are a little hectic here, too. :)

I will report back with an appliance or with questions about the tklpatch app.


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Sorry, too much workload. I have to abandon my Foswiki-Turnkey plans. If you are still interested in Foswiki, please take a look at Foswiki own VM image (Download section -> other releases).


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mmm, seeing as I'm one of the foswiki debian maintainers, build the windows installer and USB key, I wonder how difficult it would be for me :) I'll toss it on the foswiki 1.1 release stack Sven

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