TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

Turnkey Linux Virtualhost problem.

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 I want to create one virtual host , besides the main host and when I enter the adress for either one , it sends me to the last virtual host I created.


I`ll insert any config file if you require it...

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More info needed

We need more info.  What virtualization platform are you using, which TKL appliances are you installing, etc.  A little more info about what you have done and where you are now is going to really help.

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Turnkey Wordpress , I want to make a virtualhost to install Joomla .

I couldn`t do anything , it screws up the main site.

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Did you make a virtual host for the main site?

OK, I think you are talking about virtual hosts under Apache.

Did you make a virtual host for the main site as the first virtual host?

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apache config file

It would help to see your apache config file.

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It all worked fine , my dns had to be flushed. 

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Glad you figured it out

Glad you figured it out.  DNS caching is always a problem when you are making changes.

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