I am using a Zimbra appliance on a Windows Home Server, set up to start automatically when the home server starts. The only fly in the ointment is that on startup, the appliance wants me to make choices on the Turnkey Linux Configuration Console before moving on to start the Zimbra processes.

How can I stop the console from starting (i.e. I am happy with the configuration), so that the server can start up without my manual intervention?

Thanks,        Simon

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Which VM software are you using? Did you install from ISO or did you use the VM image?

If installed from ISO, then have you ensured that your TKL isn't still booting from the ISO (rather than the virtual HDD installation? - That's the first thought that springs to mind for me.

[edit] Sorry Simon I just realised we'd worked together before (over on this thread) and I'd assume after the troubles over there that you do actually have it installed ok on the hard-drive (or you'd be needing to refix those issues everytime you rebooted).

Perhaps you could post some screenshots of the config page(s) so we can see exactly what's happening?

Hi Jed,

Sorry for the delay - got rather tied up. I recollect installing the VM image. When the machine starts it progresses to the screenshot attached, and then I have to manually enter the "Advanced Menu" and exit without making changes. After this, the assorted server services start up.

Best regards,      Simon

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If it doesn't require you to do anything, then perhaps its coincidental? I don't have Zimbra so I can't comment, but I have heard that it can be quite slow to cold start. My (other TKL) VMs will sit on that screen locally while merrily doing their server chores behind the scenes.

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I use the Zimbra Appliance and it boots to the config screen but everything runs fine. Colds starts can take a while for the web interface to come up and the config screen does appear first. There is a service called confconsole under /etc/init.d if you were to disable it at all runlevels I assume it would disappear and not affect anything else and then you would be in the situation you want but havn't tried myself. I don't think Zimbra is really intended to be run on a workstation like you have it setup it except for testing purposes so that probably whats making it confusing. Of the 3 installs I maintain one of them takes atleast 10 minutes to fully start because its on a machine thats a bit underpowered. Hope that clears things up.

Hi Both,

The problems turns out to have been me. Yes the console appears, and yes the server is slow to start, but it does start irrespective of the console appearing. I just needed to give it time. Problem solved.

Thank you!

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