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redmine and git - making new repositories

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Look I couldn't find how to place this as a comment or anything on the Redmine appliance page, so I'll put it here, to save anyone else a few hours of head banging....

If you wanna make a new repo that uses git for a new project in Redmine, after setting up the git repo manually, and in anyway way you like, you must do these two things, if you want to be able to access it using the git:// protocol:

#touch /srv/repos/git/newRepoName/.git/git-daemon-export-ok


#ln -s /srv/repos/git/newRepoName/.git /var/cache/git/newRepoName.git


then it works as expected.


turnkey is awesome. saved me so much time overall, setting up a redmine server.  I'm almost in full use of it now, and I only just booted today.  I compare this to when I first set up Trac from scratch... man that took ages.... or maybe I just suck :P~

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enabling wiki write ?

 if you guys enabled wiki writing, I could maybe make a start on doing some basic docs like this for people ?

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thanks @bob - Was into my 2nd

thanks @bob - Was into my 2nd hour of headbanging before I found this post. Added the git-daemon-export-ok file, and public repo works like a charm!

Oh, and Turnkey = Amazing!

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Added to wiki/docs

I have just added this info to a new page in the Community Documentation (Wiki), in the "Appliance-specific notes" section, under Redmine. See the entry here.

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best regards

I have downloaded the Turnkey's redmine VM and it's running finr (I can create new projects and wikis and document lists etc etc). only thing is I can't make it to use my new git repos. I found your article by shared files search, but it didn't help. any help appreciated.

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I must say that I have been

I must say that I have been having a hard time making a new repo using the GIT and I was planning to implement the same for a new project in Redmine like you said. I guess adding these made it work. I am glad that you have helped me in this regard. I should also say that the turnkey did save me some valuable time while setting up the redmine server. And when compared with trac, this is light-years ahead!

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