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FileServer in AD Domain

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I recently setup the FileServer appliance. I managed to join it to an Active Directory domain (Win2003). Through Webmin I can create a share and assign permissions to AD users/groups. On a seperate Windows server I can connect to the FileServer appliance and see the shares, but when I try to open a share a login dialog box is displayed. The problem is, it won't accept any credentials. I've tried different AD users, entered in different formats. I've also tried Linux users on the FileServer appliance. No matter what I do it says "Login unsuccessful."

Obviously, I missed a step somewhere, which is no surprise. I've joined Windows desktops to a Samba PDC before, but this is my first time joining a Linux server to an AD DC. Any ideas what am I missing?

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How did you connect to your W2k3 AD

I have been having a heck of a time auth to my AD.  When I bind, i get the followign error. Any ideas, did you put the full FQDN in or just the domain without the .com?

Binding to domain with command /usr/bin/net join -U Administrator -S mlacamera ..

cannot join as standalone machine

.. failed! See the output above for the reason why.

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To join the domain,

To join the domain, I primarily used this:


There was a lot of Googling involved, so I'm not sure now which other sites/pages to credit besides this one.

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Sorry I'm not a lot of help

but some terms to include in your google searching would be ubuntu 8.04 (and/or hardy) and samba and/or samba3 (obviously with some others such as ad windows server 2003 &/or 2k3 etc)

It may be worth doing some background reading and then start again from scratch while documenting the exact steps you take. Then you be able to replicate the steps should you need to do this again at some point, also you could sharethat info here with the community so others can avoid (or easily fix) these same issues. Here is probably a good place to put your documentation if you get a chance to do that.

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