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I was recommended turnkey as a mean to try redmine. And it looks sooooo great. But I am not sure what I need to download. Can I later on change the redmine code to laterst trunk version?

What should I download from http://www.turnkeylinux.org/redmine if I want to try redmine in VirtualBox?


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You can either download the VM image (233MB VM) which you can import directly into VBox as a VM. Or you can download the ISO (207MB ISO). I have found the VM image really quick and easy to use (I have used it in both VBox & VMware Server) but TBH I usually download the ISO. It does require a little more setup (not hard though) but it has the added advantage that it can be burned to CD or USB for hardware install or use it to install to pretty much any VM environment. If you are inclined to play, then the ISO is good for that too. The ISO can be unpacked, tweaked/customised and repacked back to ISO using TKLPatch.

There's a tutorial for installing into VBox here (it covers both VM and ISO). It may be a little dated but should be basically the same. If you get stuck you can always post back here.

As for updating Redmine, this thread is probably your best bet, specifically this post shows how to upgrade or the next post down presents it as a script that you can just copy, paste and run. If ypou read this post and the post after, you can set it up to update via SVN so you can update to newer versions down the rack easily too.

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