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Zimbra Setup Problem

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Ok, first off, im new to this zimbra turnkey noise. Ive downloaded the ISO and run the install. After trying to figure out the flakey instructions, ive come to a dead end. When trying to sign in on with the default user name and password claimed in the installation admin@example.com and password "turnkey", it says authentication failed. I also tried "root" and the password set. Both with example.com, the new domain name, the subdomain.domain and with nothing but root and still, nothing. Is there a better instruction document out there with clear instructions? Or does anyone know what I may have done wrong or something Im missing?

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What have you done so far?

I haven't used Zimbra myself but I have heard that for best results you may want to set your domain using the zimbra.conf script (as detailed on the Zimbra appliance page). Regradless it may be worth a read. Also I think that even using an IP to access it, you may have to set DNS records. But perhaps I'm wrong? Either way probably worth a try.

There's also a forum thread that contains a lot of info/troubleshooting here. You can disregard the initial bug report/problem as that has been fixed following the April re-release, but some of the other info may give you some ideas of stuff to try. There is also another thread here that may have some useful info.

Regardless, post back. If you solve it then it may be useful for others for you to provide the answer. If not perhaps give us some more info, detailing the process you've taken so far and we'll try to help you.

Also assuming we get this sorted (and surely we can cause othrs are using it) then perhaps some ideas how documantation can be added or improved would be good.

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ok so I figured it out. the

ok so I figured it out. the admin@example.com password is set by the

/usr/local/bin/zimbra-conf DOMAIN ADMIN_PASS
# administrative user will be: admin@DOMAIN

if i were to write the line to explain it clear to people who dont know this like second nature, id show an example as such:

/usr/local/bin/zimbra-conf <your domain> <admin password>
 administrative user will be: admin@<yourdomain>


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