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I notice that the version of Python (at least on the LAMP appliance) is quite an old version, it's not even at 2.6.   From an initial review of some Python materials, I see that Python 3.x is quite a bit different from the 2.x version and so I'm wondering if there are any plans to update python to 3.x on turnkey systems?

In particular, if there are not plans to update (I understand that 3.x breaks many existing scripts), is it safe to install 3.x  alongside the 2.x version to use with my own scripts or will that produce all sorts of conflicts?




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The current TKL stable release is based on Ubuntu Hardy/8.04 (nearly 2 & half years old now - hence the older versions of stuff). The new version of TKL (which is probably still a little while away) will be based on Ubuntu Lucid/10.04 which has Python 2.6.5 as default Python install but also Python 3.1.2 available (under the name python3).

Only one way to be sure that you can use them side by side is to test. But rather than muck around working out how to install it on the old (current) TKL server, IMO you'd be better off playing with the Core beta. If you want a LAMP to play with use Basil's LAMP TKLPatch (read the TKLPatch docs if your not sure how that works). Then Installing both python and python3 should be as simple as:

apt-get update
apt-get install python python3

How you would use each etc I have no idea, but google may have some answers. Just remember that the TKL beta I'm talking about is basically Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Server.

Hopefully you can work it out and I'm sure others would be interested to hear your findings.

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