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Hi all,

I was wondering wether I can update my current Turnkey Trac appliance (ubuntu 8.04) to work on a more recent ubuntu release? If so, can I do it without loosing my current database and system configurations?


Best regards,


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Use TKLBAM, that's what its made for. Backup first, then restore to the freshly installed v11.0RC, its available for download here as an ISO. Perhaps test installation and migration in a VM first to ensure 100% that it all works as it should. Should be fine though.

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Hi i have created a Turnkey HUB account.... I have to pay amazon in order to backup my server ? i read in the link you provided that i have to register my turnkey hub account... is that all ? or do i have to have my turnkey hub account correctly configured (paying $0.15 per GB) ?



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You don't have to use Amazon S3

No, you don't need to pay Amazon to store your backups locally. TKLBAM's usability is optimized for working with Amazon S3 storage. So you'll need to sign up for TKLBAM on Amazon even if you don't use S3 because that's part of the activation process. If you don't use S3 (e.g., use --address to store your backups locally) then you won't be paying $0.15/GB per month for storage.
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If you wish to use Amazon S3 then you need to pay them

But if you use the command line then you can use any target you'd like. Check out this post by Liraz (from the comments section of that same blog post), there's also more info in the TKLBAM FAQ. AFAIK you do need to sign up for Amazon S3 (which does involve entering credit card details) but if you don't use it you won't get charged. Because it is charged by the GB I have heard of some people (with small amounts of data) using S3 and still not getting charged!

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Har har, you beat me to it.

JedMeister, you are too fast sometimes! :)
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It goes the other way sometimes too :)

And I figure its better to have 2 answers than none!

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