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I am new to turnkey. Wanted to find out how to install multiple applications in single installations? I want to have something like File Server Appliance and Torrent Server Appliance which can share same files uploaded by one application in other.

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The Torrent Server is built on top of the File Server, so you're in luck. All the functionality you get in the File Server is available in the Torrent Server.

As a side note with regards to multiple appliances on a single server, this thread might interest you.

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Thanks for the response. Is there any other way to have have multiple applications on single installation. Torrent and Server Application was just an example :)

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Use one appliance and a base and build the extra functionality into it manually.

Although unless you have particularly old or slow hardware, running a hypervisor OS is the best option by far IMO. I think its a waste of hardware to run appliances on bare metal. Most desktop PCs built within the last few years will happily run 20+ virtualised guest appliances on top of a hypervisor OS such as ProxmoxVE.

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Just a suggestion, maybe it is a good idea to publish the turnkey patch for each appliance based on turnkey core. So for example, if I want to install Revision Control System, File Server, XMPP, and Drupal into one installation, I can just apply the patch for each of them on a turnkey core installation.

Just an idea :)

PS: Anyway, this will be for advanced user, as there is bound to be collision sooner or later, eg. I don't think that Drupal and Joomla can co-exist together by using this method.

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