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configuring Redmine appliance to work with svn and have https access to the repository

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I am new to this, I installed Ubuntu with RedMine on a VM to keep my code repository in svn.

My only requirement is to be able to access the svn externally with a https connection.

I do not have the time to learn linux, or ubuntu, I am just wondering if there is a quick way to set up the environment to work with svn and be accessible via https.

I appreciate any help I can get.

Thank you,


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I got it, used

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Thank you so much

That really worked! I used the directory to /srv/repos/svn/ instead and had to add the key=xxxxx attribute to the Cronjob, but now it simply works!

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Better solution

Hey there again,

i just ran over an even better solution


No need to access shell anymore!

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