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How do you set up OTRS to receive emails. It sends them just fine.

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I have the OTRS application setup, but do not see how I can configure it to receive an email to post a ticket on the system. I can see in the admin section where I add emails etc. But how do I set up a mail server to send an email to the appliance.

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Solution found to receiving emails

I found the answer and am sharing so incase another newbie like me has the same problem.

It was really quite simple,  go to admin page select PostMaster Mail Account. Then just configure it to receive email on the account you wish to use. 

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How to config email in OTRS Can any one give clear explanation Thanks in advance?

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I've never used it

But the post above makes it sound pretty straight forward and easy. Otherwise I guess you could try reading the manual? I had a quick look and I couldn't see it at a glance but I suspect that it's in here somewhere.

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Thank for your reply !i itself find out the answer thru http://wiki.otterhub.org/index.php?title=Configure_OTRS_with_Gmail link

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OTRS license

HI all, I needed an advice from you all.

I need OTRS for a small internal team setup to monitor for my team tickets. Right now i am running it off a localhost on my persoanl laptop. IS OTRS free to use just for a small setup ? I mean we are not going to modify the source code or anything . So would it be free to use or we would have to buy it?

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OTRS is free to use - for any size

Although obviously you may incur costs hosting it.

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Hey Hi thanks for replying

Hey Hi thanks for replying bro. Yes ofcourse. Costs like for a server and the strong WIFI connection rite?

I am talking if i host it on a private company network on a sever and use it for internal team purpose withut modifying the code or anything and completly abiding by the APL. Then I wouldnt have to pay to OTRS company rite?

Thanks for reading this bro.

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Yep you got it! :)

No worries!

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Hey jeremy So would it be

Hey jeremy So would it be possible to install and run oTRS on a private company network? any idea you mite have about this...

Sorry if I am asking tooo many questions!!!!!

But Thanks incase you know it not mandatory!


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Download the TKL OTRS appliance

Download from this page. Then install - to hardware or any number of virtualisation platforms (ProxmoxVE is my favourite).

Any further questions I suggest that you start your own thread (rather than hijacking this one further). I'll see it and respond if I can help.

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Regarding OTRS

Hi Pratik joshi! OTRS is completely an open source tool ! We can use it in private sector! We need to configure the email settings !!! For more info about configuration visit http://wiki.otterhub.org/index.php?title=Configure_OTRS_with_Gmail!

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OTRS set up

Can anyone provide a step by step description of installing and configuring the OTRS

Also mention the PC configuration and other requirements that are required.

By following the steps I should be able to do on my own.

Looking forward to the details please

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OTRS to Exchange 2010

Hi, i have otrs working on a domain network, then i have an email server exchange 2010, i have all working on pop account i send emails all ok, But when i reply the ticket himself does not apears on Otrs, only in outlook account, is there any way to forward them to OTRS? Any help will me apreciated.


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OTRS 5.2 root user get stuck in time entry page

We are exploring OTRS 5.2. I have logged in using root account in to OTRS and I am struck in time entry screen. I can't move to any of the screens and only logoff works. if I login with other account works fine however root is the only account I can change options and since I can't select any of the options I am unable to use root account.

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I suggest you contact OTRS

This is the forums of TurnKey Linux and appliance includes an earlier version (v3.3.9). So I'm guessing that you have installed yourself (on TurnKey LAMP or something else). Regardless of whether this is installed on TurnKey or not I would suggest that you contact upstream for support (i.e. OTRS themselves).
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Ticket via Email

How do i configure otrs to automatically create tickets without pressing the fetch button 

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Try suggestions above!

There are suggestions above; plus links to resources where you will probably find more info...

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